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Bible Studies

By Tony Cartledge Inside Baptists Today

Now you can access all the Nurturing Faith Bible Study resources in one place!

Visit the Baptists Today website and and use (or setup) your login to be taken to a single web area that now includes everything you need to lead or participate in a Nurturing Faith lesson.

Visit Baptists Today Login Area

Once you login, you will see an option to access the current resources. Each lesson’s webpage includes this content:

  • Bible Lesson with Tony Cartledge
  • Teaching Resources for Adults
  • Teaching Resources for Youth

The teaching resources for adults includes the Digging Deeper, Hardest Question and Teaching Guide by Rick Jordan, as well as a video with Tony Cartledge.

The teaching resources for youth includes the Teaching Guide by Jeremy Colliver, as well as a link to a video to share with youth.

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Get Your Login and Access the Lessons

You will need a login to access the lessons.

If you use a printed edition of Baptists Today, you’ll need to create a login. To create your login, use this link and follow the instructions. If you are a print subscriber or get your copy of Baptists Today as part of a church group subscription, be sure to have your copy of Baptists Today handy, since you will need information from the mailing label.

If you are already a subscriber to the online edition of Baptists Today, just use your usual login and the Nurturing Faith resources will appear with the online content for Baptists Today.