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 by William Powell Tuck

The intent of this book is to look seriously at what constitutes the content and background of authentic preaching. This book is offered as one pastor and preaching professor’s suggestions on how I have tried to share the gospel through my ministry both in the classroom and in the pulpit. I have been pastor of small and large congregations, rural and downtown urban churches, college and seminary congregations, healthy and troubled parishes. During my busy pastoral ministry with my congregations I have tried to share with them not only my verbal sermons from the pulpit, but also a written copy by the next Sunday. This has often been an exacting but rewarding discipline. It has pushed me for originality, careful craftsmanship, sound biblical exegesis, and the desire for clarity and to offer my best gifts. Being pastor in a college and seminary community has certainly heightened my awareness to offer my best all the time.

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Clearly, William Tuck’s antenna has been aimed toward God for years. In A Pastor Preaching he writes with the wisdom of a sage and the passion of a new believer. With words and stories that rise off the page, Tuck makes a fresh case for preaching that requires all of the biblical, pastoral, theological, and creative commitments in a pastor’s mind and heart. This excellent book will appeal to veteran preachers and newbies alike.

— Julie Pennington-Russell, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia

From a preacher’s preacher comes this deeply theological reflection on proclaiming, indeed, embodying the Word. WIlliam Tuck exemplifies what it means to be a scholar-practitioner, and this latest book helps those called to the perilous task of preaching to become more grounded in their encounter with the Holy One who beckons such vocation. Congruence between one’s life, one’s words, and the Living Word are essential for homiletical integrity, which Tuck richly illumines by his inclusion of thoughtful sermons. The author’s capacity for critical interrogation of his own practice is a model for all of us who bear witness to God’s self-disclosure in texts and the larger world.

—Molly Marshall, President, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, Shawnee, Kansas

Drawing from his wide reading and deep experience as both a professor and pastor-preacher, Bill Tuck shares with us the essential and enduring tools for the craft of preaching. His passion for theologically reflective and pastorally faithful sermons runs throughout the book.

Guy Sayles, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina

This book is quite simply the best preaching book I have ever read. Bill Tuck has distilled into its pages a lifetime of wide reading, deep thinking, sensitive pastoring, and superb sermonizing, so that it is a complete homiletical education in and of itself. It belongs on a shelf of its own, above all other books on the subject!

— John Killinger, Author of Fundamentals of Preaching, Former Professor of Preaching, Vanderbilt Divinity School

I am grateful for the contribution this book can make to ministers as they are working through their challenges and their problems of connecting with members of their congregation and their preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its entirety and in its specialty as well. Tuck has concentrated on what is important for pastors to do in striving to share the Gospel effectively with their congregations.

— James W. Cox, Editor of Handbook of Themes for Preaching, Senior Professor of Preaching, Southern Baptist Theological Seminar

I dearly wish A Pastor Preaching had been available to me when I was stumbling out of the pastoral starting blocks. In a clear and readable way Dr. Tuck outlines why, what, and how we preach. The author, a veteran pastor and teacher of preaching, thinks through issues novice pastors ponder in their efforts to be effective preachers and church leaders. Veteran pastors will rediscover in these pages ample resources that send us back to our pulpits with fresh insight and energy to do better what we were called to do.

—Michael J. Clingenpeel, Pastor, River Road Church, Baptist, Richmond, Virginia

About the Author

William Powell Tuck has served congregations as pastor and interim pastor in Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, and North Carolina; as adjunct professor at Virginia Intermont College, the University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond; and as professor of preaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He received the Parish Pastor of the Year award by the Academy of Parish Clergy in 1997. A graduate of New Orleans and Southeastern Baptist seminaries, the University of Richmond, and Bluefield College, he is the author or editor of twenty-two books and the author of more than 200 published sermons and articles. He is married to Emily Campbell, and they have two children and four grandchildren.