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By Jim Dant

It is almost guaranteed.  Most of us know someone who is struggling with the disease of addiction.  Friends and family members who find themselves journeying with an addict are on a difficult path.  No one is immune.  Even pastors.

It was during Jim Dant’s fifteen-year tenure as pastor of Highland Hills Baptist Church in Macon, Georgia that one of his children fell prey to the disease of addiction. Jim came face to face with his pastoral, parental and human limitations.  As his child began a struggle for sobriety, this father began a struggle for serenity.

Both began 12 Step Programs, and three years into his child’s recovery, Jim found the strength to share his gleanings in the form of a series of sermons preached to his congregation, and included in this book.  Within and between every line of the sermons are the experience, strength and hope that Jim found in his journey through the valley of the shadow of addition.  May they bring the same to you as you make your journey.

About the Author
Jim Dant is the married father of three grown daughters. After serving as a pastor for almost thirty years, in February 2012 he began working as a partner at Faithlab – writing, leading retreats and conferences and providing spiritual direction for individuals.  In his leisure, he enjoys music, dabbling in Hebrew, playing Texas Hold ’em poker and training for triathlons.


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