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 by Blake McKinney

The words in this book flow from a conviction that God intends for your faith to intersect with your everyday life. Many people hang out with God for an hour on Sunday and then ignore him for the rest of the week. Or they have a ten-minute “quiet time” in the morning, and then leave God behind and get on with the business of the real world. But the real world is the only place in which you can live out your faith in God. He wants you to pay attention to him not only while you sing on Sunday, but all week long while you wash dishes or negotiate contracts or take algebra tests or sit in traffic or whatever else you do. He wants to go with you to the office, the classroom, the coffee shop, the soccer field, and every other stop on your route each day. Both your faith and your everyday life will be enriched when they experience more regular contact with each other. My hope is that these devotions will help to facilitate that contact. This book is yours now, and you can use it however you desire. But I would suggest that you read one of the readings each weekday, in the middle of the day, in the middle of your normal activities. Let it be a divine interruption that helps you to pay attention to him right in the midst of the real world. Let it refresh you and remind you that God is God and he is with you and he can make an impact on the way you live the rest of your day. May God use this book to make you more impressed with him, and more willing to let him work in you and through you each day.

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