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by Brett Younger

The Lighter Side is a collection of humorous, yet meaningful observations about life and faith, including “Windshield Wiper Wisdom,” “The Young and the Waistless, the Old and the Beautiful,” and “The Joy of Sox.”

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“With his trademark self-deprecating humor and insights that are at once pastoral and prophetic, Brett Younger’s columns are Grady Nutt Meets Dave Barry Meets Zephaniah.”
—Julie Pennington-Russell, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church, Decatur, GA.

“Throughout my life, I have found that the ability to see a bit of humor in even the most difficult of circumstances has been a ‘grace gift’ that has stood me in good stead. Anne Lamott calls laughter ‘carbonated holiness.’ I am delighted to have Brett’s ‘humorously holy’ ramblings gathered into one spirit-lifting volume.”
—Clarissa Stirckland, Networking Specialist, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

“Brett Younger is one the funniest people I know. And, he’s a Baptist preacher. Now that’s funny.”
—Bert Montgomery, Author, Teacher, Minister

“Brett Younger reminds me of the late, great Grady Nutt. He’s a witty humorist who deploys laughter in service of divine insight. Just when you think you’re guffawing at his insanely imaginative observations, you realize you’re staring straight into God’s own truth.”
—Marv Knox, Editor, Baptist Standard