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by Winnie Williams

Winnie Williams has had the opportunity to see gender and socioeconomic status, in combination with extremely diverse cultures—and her heart has been torn by the lives of the women. In Women I Can’t Forget, she combines descriptions of the beauty of the places she saw and the fascination of the cultures with insight into the forces which shape the lives of people—ecological, economic, and social. She goes further by looking at what hope there is and what progress is being made in the lives of women. She knew that where there was hope, there could be dreams. Where there were dreams fulfilled, there could be change for the better. It was the conditions under which these very special women worked and struggled for a brighter tomorrow that interested Winnie enough to write this book so that she could also share her experiences with other women of the world.

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This is a must-read for every woman. — Jo Ella White, author, Jim’s Court House


“These fascinating eye-witness accounts make one see and feel what life is like for women who are locked into an existence of subservience in the male-dominated societies of many developing countries. We can thank this intrepid and sensitive author, who made many dangerous and difficult trips to remote areas of these countries and shares here the engaging stories of what she found.” -Mary Glazener, author, The Cup of Wrath

“These profiles of unforgettable women provide a stirring reminder of the power of the human spirit to rise above significant cultural and economic barriers. It is clear that these women, and many other unforgettable women just like them, possess an inner strength that shapes and changes our world. A remarkable look at the truly powerful spirit of these women.” -David J. Spittal, President, Southern Wesleyan University

Women I Can’t Forget is a book I can’t forget. The stories and the truth revealed here cannot be forgotten or ignored. Winnie Williams has given us powerful and haunting glimpses into the lives of women in other parts of the world. They are women who have been painfully disenfranchised because of religion, history, tradition, power, and male domination. We need to hear their stories because they, too, are our sisters.” -Raye Nell Dyer, President, Baptist Women in Ministry, Chaplain, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Women I Can’t Forget is a book that will quickly capture your interest. It literally takes you on a journey to other countries, allows you to view different cultural lifestyles and at the same time tells a moving story of the degradation of women and their struggles. This is a must-read book for every woman.” -Jo Ella White, author, Jim’s Court House

“Winnie Williams ventured where those of us who consider ourselves sensible thought she shouldn’t go…. This book creates mental images vivid enough to ensure that you, too, can’t forget these women.” -Sandra A. Reeves, Ed.D.