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About eBooks

Nurturing Faith offers both printed books (available through, or ebooks (available on this website, Amazon and Barnes & Noble).


What is a Book?

For hundreds of years, a “book” was a collection of printed pages bound together with a paper or hard-back cover. However, in recent years, we have realized that the words of the author form the book, and the printed pages are simply one way of delivering those words to readers.

Digital books (ebooks) are dramatically increasing in availability and popularity. The popularity of ebooks increases each year. As ereaders become less expensive, more people are discovering the conveniences they offer.


Ebook Features

Ebooks offer a number of pluses:

Fast — Because ebooks are digital files, they are delivered instantly.

Less Expensive — Ebooks require no shipping charges, and are usually priced lower than printed books. Nurturing Faith ebooks are always significantly less expensive than their print versions.

Good for Readers — Adjust the typesize as large or small as you need for comfortable reading. Carry your library with you (devices can hold thousands of ebooks).

Good for Authors — Authors usually make higher royalties from ebooks than from printed books. If you purchase your ebooks directly from this website, you are allowing authors to make more from your purchase than if made elsewhere.

Environmentally Friendly — eBooks do not use paper, nor is fuel and packaging needed for their delivery.

Convenient — eBook readers can hold thousands of ebooks, allowing you to have your entire ebook library with you all the time.

For many persons, ebooks are already a great way to get to the works of terrific authors.


eBook Readers

There are many ways to read ebooks. In fact, you may already have one or more of these options at your fingertips.

eBook Readers — Dedicated black and white ebook readers provide excellent reading experiences. That’s because they use a screen technology called “e-ink” that looks almost identical to printed pages. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, and others offer e-ink based readers. Starting as low as $79, these readers hold thousands of ebooks, have battery life that is measured in weeks, and are light and very affordable.

Smartphones and Tablets — Your iPhone, Andriod or Windows smartphone offers apps that allow you to read books. If you have an iPad, both Kindle and Nook readers are available, as well as Apple’s own iBooks app.

Computers/Laptops — There are multiple programs that allow you to read ebooks on your computer or laptop. Both Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook) offer programs, and you can also use free readers such as “Calibre.”


Nurturing Faith eBooks

Nurturing Faith ebooks are available directly from this website for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other readers/apps. When you purchase an ebook from us, the file you download will open as a folder containing both files for the  Kindle format (mobi) and the ePub format. All readers except the Kindle use the ePub format. This way, you can read the ebook regardless of the reader or device you use.

Click here for easy instructions for adding a Nurturing Faith ebook to your reader or computer.