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eBook Help

How do I add an ebook to my device?

Use the instructions below to add an ebook to your particular device for reading.

A) Purchase the correct eBook format for your device.
There are two ereader formats: A format for Amazon Kindle devices (.mobi) and a format for all other devices (.epub).
Each of our titles are available in either epub or mobi formats. Choose mobi if you have a Kindle device, and choose epub if you have any other type of device (iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or Android (Samsung, HTC, etc.) or Sony.
When your purchase is complete, you will see a screen with the download link, and also receive an email with the same download link. The email offers the easiest way to add an ebook to your device.

B) Add the ebook to your device
iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Email Approach

1. Purchase the ePub version of the book. You will receive an email with a download link for the ebook file (and epub file).

2. Open that email on your iPad or other iOS device using the Mail app (or forward the receipt email to an email address that you can open in the Mail app on your iPad or iPhone).

3. Press and hold on the download link (shown in the email receipt) until you see a prompt asking which app you wish to read the file with. Choose “iBooks” and the ebook will be automatically added to your shelf, ready to read.

Kindle Email Approach

(for Kindle black and white ebook readers)

1. Purchase the mobi (Kindle) version of the ebook you wish to read. An email will arrive with a link to download that file. Download that file on your computer.

2. On your Kindle, open the “Settings” page, then notice and make a note of your Kindle’s unique email address displayed on the “Settings” page.

3. On your computer, attach the MOBI e-book file to an email and send it to your Kindle’s email address (the one you found in “Settings”). It’s not necessary to specify a subject or add any text to the body of the email. Upon receipt of the email, the MOBI e-book will be added to your Kindle and will automatically appear in its library.

Alternate Kindle Fire Approach (for color devices)

1. Open the receipt email from your Nurturing Faith ebook purchase (it has a download link on it).

2. Click the download link to download the mobi file to your Kindle Fire.

3. Use a file manager app to view downloads. then find the ebook file and long press tp get a popup menu. (If you need a file manager app, search for and install “ES File Explorer”).

4. Choose “move to” and then choose your Books folder. Now the ebook will show on your bookshelf and is ready to enjoy.

Nook Approach

(you’ll need to connect to a computer)

1. Purchase the ePub version of the book. On a computer, download the epub file from the receipt email.

2. Connect the Nook to the computer and see the Nook Drive mount.

3. Copy your ePub file to the Nook’s My Documents folder.

4. To view it in the Nook, go to My Library.

5. Tap View my Documents.

6. Tap Check for New Content.

7. Select the book and enjoy reading.

Sony Reader

1. Use the ePub version of the book.

2. Connect the Sony Reader to the computer.

3. Open the Reader Library application. You can also download it here.

4. Copy your ePub file to the Reader’s My Documents folder.

5. Sync your reader.

6. The ebook is now on your Sony Reader. Select the book and enjoy reading.

Reading the eBook on Your Computer Using Calibre

1. Download and install Calibre for your platform.

2. Calibre will request you to choose a location for your eBook library.

3. Purchase and download the ePub version of the book.

3. Drop the eBook (ePub file) on the Caliber interface and they will be copied to your library.

4. Select the eBook in Calibre and enjoy reading.