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Transforming Faith (Davis)


To transform our reality, we must join faith with action.



Transforming Faith

To Shape the World Around Us

by Reginald F. Davis

Faith is not enough to transform our present reality. It is not enough to believe in a God who can do anything but fail. To transform our reality, we must join faith with action. Enough talk of the problems of society and the world. Until we decide to become involved participants in the transformation of the world around us, our faith is nothing more than a tale that is told signifying nothing. We are more powerful than we realize. The transformation of the world around us is attainable more than we think. If humans can achieve going to the moon, an effort that was unthinkable centuries ago, we can transform the socio-economic political situation today. God used all kinds of people who had flaws, defects, and deficiencies to transform the world, and we are no different than they are. Despite their weaknesses, they had a TNT faith (the standard measure of strength of bomb and other explosives) that exploded with accomplishments when they put it into action. Our faith has within it the TNT but it is not exploding with accomplishments because we lack the action that causes it to detonate. This work is a battle cry of faith to remind the faith community to get up and transform the world around them. To do this we must have faith in God; grow in faith; understand the Kingdom of God is not talk but power; put faith in action; demonstrate a bold faith; wed politics and faith together; and remain faithful until Christ returns.

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